The Story

We've been trying to invite new players into our team since it was first formed in 2018. We did our best to guide them through the thinking process while participating in hunts, but it proved to be too much information all at once for newer players. Back then, we didn't even have Colby's Curious Cookoff or DP Puzzle Hunt to ramp them up; most people just felt overwhelmed and didn't try again.

In 2019, we decided there should be a "tutorial" site for helping new players slowly be introduced to puzzle hunts. We wanted it to have a much slower pace than usual hunts, and to be fully accessible, even for people playing alone.

Thus, 4 naive friends banded together, and after much procrastination, YukiHunt was born.

The Team

If you're wondering why the site is broken and the puzzles are bad, here are some dorks to blame:

  • Brian Ho

    [The Filthy Casual]

  • LJ Tseng

    [The Domestic Abused]

  • Sherry Liao

    [The Domestic Abuser]

  • Violet Chang

    [The Ghost]

The Community

It'd be remiss of us not to mention the people who made this site possible!

  • Thank you to Galactic Trendsetters, for birthing our team and inciting a huge wave of top-notch online puzzle hunts. You showed everyone how to make amazing hunts again and again, and have inspired so many of us to make our own.
  • Thank you to Team Yuki, who helped test-solve the worst of our puzzles and patiently gave lots of feedback to help us improve.
  • Thank you to our test-solvers, who gave us a lot of wonderful feedback which made us better.
  • Thank you to Betaveros for open-sourcing gph-site, from which we borrowed a great amount of ideas and phrasing.
  • ...and of course, thank YOU for being a part of the puzzling community! No other community would spend so much time, effort, and money to make things for each other, and we're just honored to be able to give something back to this community that keeps on giving.